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DFO News
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Valor is looking for committed and active players to expand our circle of influence. Be sure to ask Rosara or any of the Guild Officers for a spot in the guild.
Guild News

Current DFO Update Schedule

Tigereye85, Sep 10, 15 3:45 PM.
Based on the information from Neople's recent stream, the update schedule will be roughly as follows:

1) True Ancients (which we just got)
2) Priest 2nd Awakening
3) Ranked PvP
4) Character Revamp

Rare avatars have also been estimated to be released around american Thanksgiving.

Female Slayer Scheduled for July 7, 2015

Tigereye85, Jun 27, 15 5:48 PM.
Hello everyone. In case you didn't already know, the female slayer's scheduled for release on 7/7/2015. For  details, as well as information regarding the current events please check their Facebook.

Knight confirmed for OBT 2

Tigereye85, Apr 8, 15 2:46 PM.
As per Neople's DFO global Facebook page, the Knight has been confirmed as the next class for open beta part 2. See the link below.

Valor refounded on Cain Server

Tigereye85, Mar 24, 15 5:50 AM.
Hello everyone. Rosara here. I've already set up camp on the Cain server and the guild has already been founded. Please let me or an officer know for an invitation. Let's make DFO the best it can be.

UPDATE: DFO Global beta test server to open at 1am PDT (4am EDT) March 24, 2015

Tigereye85, Mar 23, 15 3:58 PM.
Hello everyone. The beta test server will open at 8:00am UDT, which is 1:00am PDT and 4am EDT. Don't forget to register at  so you can start downloading the beta client. If there is more than 1 server open, I'll post which server we'll be joining here.

DFO Global beta test set for March 24, 2015

Tigereye85, Mar 10, 15 3:34 PM.
Well, the date we've been wanting to know is upon us. The DFO Global beta test will begin on March 24, 2015. The website is Don't for get to subscribe to the newsletter to show your continued support. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back.

Global DFO beta arriving in March

Tigereye85, Jan 18, 15 5:07 PM.
Hello everyone! Rosara here. It know it's been ages since I've posted but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive. :) I'm sure that many of you, myself included are excited for the re-release of DFO. Rest assured that I'll be around. As to whether the guild needs to be remade or not won't be an issue. Let's all see what the future holds together. Hope to see everyone back in March.

In the meantime, the core of Valor still resides on my Ventrilo server every day. We've been playing different games, some of which include, Tera, PSO 2, Age Of Wonders 3, Civilization 5, Supreme Commander 2, C&C 3: Kane's Wrath, Warhammer Dawn of War, Skullgirls, Warframe and Vindictus. If you'd like to join us to play or chat, feel free to request the Ventrilo server info by contacting me at

Neople to open DFO: Details

omnompotato, May 30, 14 11:32 AM.
1. Alpha and Beyond

* The current Alpha Test will end on June 13th Friday 6PM KST 
* And the answer is YES. We will bring DFO back. 

2. What Stays and What Goes?

* Your Character Name/Class, and your Level will STAY 
* EVERYTHING ELSE (including but not limited to gold, items/weapons you have on you and in your vault etc.) will be GONE/ERASED. 

* Since it is an Alpha, we cannot leave the items/gold etc. but the least we could do was to leave your character name/level. Also when you come back later, we will make sure to prepare you with necessary items so you can enjoy the game without any hassle.

* We will be providing other means of login for those of you not wishing to use your Facebook account for DFO, However, please note if you want to continue on with your Alpha character when the game is back, you must use the same Facebook account to login. 

* To reward you for participating in Alpha we will definitely prepare something for you. 

3. Future Plans

* As all of you know (yes, we know too) the Alpha version is so old it almost feels ancient. So naturally it will take us quite a long time to prepare a fresher version, and of course fix all these messy problems everyone has been telling us about. 

* What we would like you to understand is that we will not be able to bring the game back within a few weeks; it may take longer than many of you expect, but we will make sure to communicate with you through this page and let you know where we are in terms of preparing the official launch. 

Thank you so much for everyone’s patience, and we are so happy to have been blessed with such amazing players 

It’s a beginning of something really exciting for us, and we hope you guys are excited as well!

Neople Reopening DFO

Tigereye85, May 14, 14 5:57 PM.
Well, our dreams for DFO's revival have come true. Neople themselves will be running the servers this time around. Know well that myself, as well as the core are returning to the game. Here's the website and start your download today!

Hope to see everyone back.


New Ventrilo Server Up

Tigereye85, Mar 9, 14 4:22 AM.
Apparently, Typefrag had an update and it corrupted my account. Therefore, I've had to rent a new server. I'll be passing on the information once I'm sure it works. You can also contact me at

Ventrilo Server Outage

Tigereye85, Feb 24, 14 4:09 PM.
I've spoken with Typefrag support and was informed that they're currently having network issues, which is causing the server outage. I'll post another update once it comes back online. I'll be logged into my Steam account in the meantime if you wish to contact me.

Trying out Tera Rising

Tigereye85, Feb 11, 14 2:36 PM.
Hello again everyone. Just letting you know I'm still alive. The Ventrilo server is still active and I've been trying out Tera Rising from En Masse Entertainment. I'll see me as Valvacia on the Ascension Valley Server. Anyway, if you need the Ventrilo server info to keep in touch, feel free to email me at

Currently Trying Out Phantasy Star Online 2

Tigereye85, Aug 25, 13 1:12 PM.
How's everyone been? I'm still alive and well. Just thought I'd let everyone who still visits here to know that I've put Vindictus on the back burning and have started  playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on the JP servers. You can find me on Ship 2 (Ur) as Rosara with ID Tigereye. If you're interested in joining me and some members, visit You can also email me at if you have questions or want to talk.

Valor Migrating to Vindictus East Server

Tigereye85, May 20, 13 5:37 AM.
It was a sad day back on April 2, 2013 when Nexon decided to close down DFO. However, myself, as well as the main core have migrated to Vindictus' East server. Sadly, Rosara was taken there so I'll be taking on the name Kayala. Perhaps with enough support and after I get more experienced with the game, I may remake this guild under the name Valor Reborn. At any rate, the Ventrilo server and this website will remain online, and may be converted for Vindictus. That said, I strongly encourage everyone to at least meet up on Ventrilo. I'd like to know what everyone will do once DFO's gone. Hopefully we'll be able to reunite and continue our adventures in Vindictus. I'l also be logging in DFO pretty much every day to check up on anyone who still logs in. Hope to keep in touch and happy gaming, despite this sad news.

Guild PvP Tournament on December 1, 2012

Tigereye85, Nov 24, 12 1:38 PM.
Congratulations to the winners!

1st: BaelZaBub with 25k NX
2nd: ExoJudgement with 15k NX
3rd: LeadUrDream with 10k NX
Due to a unanimous lag vote over several match votes, LalaMissTina was disqualified.
The results can be be seen here.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Feedback is also appreciated.

New Events

omnompotato, Jun 14, 12 2:29 PM.
New events are coming to the guild and the only way to be up to date is with the guild website!

The new events will include, but are not limited to:
  • Screenshot Contests
  • PvP Tournaments
  • Daily Giveaways
  • New Recruit Bonus
and so much more!

Make sure you sign up for the guild website!

Also as a reminder:
  • Log on all of your alts and make sure they have the required memo tag so they don't get kicked
  • Keep checking the guild website for MALE MAGE updates

Updated Rules

omnompotato, May 20, 12 11:52 PM.
The rules have been updated to include a new issue that has arisen though not explicitly stated as a rule, but rather previously implied.

These are the following rules that are to be followed by all members of Valor:
    • Be respectful in guild chat, which is monitored by guild officers.

    • Be respectful in parties whether with other guild members or other players in the game.
    • Hacking is against Nexon's Terms of Service and therefore is also not permitted in guild. Hackers will be punished; possibly expelled and reported to Nexon.
    • If there is a dispute that arises, please contact an officer to handle the situation if it seems that the situation is unmanageable.
    • Be respectful in PvP:
        -No ‘raging’ at other players whether it is provoked or instigated.        
        -No unnecessary brutality; don’t continue to combo a player after the match has ended.
    •Alternative characters are at a max of 2; totaling to 3 characters in the guild.
        -Junior members are only allowed to have their main characters until promoted to a Senior member.    

~*Ventrilo is the medium that the guild members can talk to each other during game play. This is a great resource for the guild members to enjoy provided by the Guild Master, Rosara.*~
    • While this program is good for communication, some things need to be outlined:
        -As with guild chat, please be respectful and watch what you say to others because users can be banned from using the Ventrilo server.
        -If there is a dispute in Ventrilo, please inform a Guild Officer, either by private chat or by verbally letting them know. 

1 Officer Slot Available

Tigereye85, May 12, 12 3:44 AM.
One officer slot is currently available. If you're interested, please let me (Rosara) or any of my officers know. Qualifications for officership can be found in the Guild Admin Info tab on the website.

Officer Slots Available

Tigereye85, Mar 16, 12 9:46 PM.
I'm currently searching for dedicated players that have the desire to help me with guild development and management. 2 but possibly 3 slots are currently open. If you're interested, please let me (Rosara) or any of my officers know.

New Guild Updates/Rules

omnompotato, Mar 3, 12 7:51 PM.
Updates to the Guild Website:

•Ever wonder what dungeons that Guild Officers can help you with? Look no further!

Officer Assistance Chart for Dungeoning

        -This is a comprehensive chart to determine which dungeon Guild Officers are available to help.

•The website will be updated to be themed with the current Act updates.

New Rules:

•There is an extension to the limit of days of absences from the game from 7 to 15.
Also there is a thread to post if there is an exception that needs to be made if a player will be gone for an extended period of time.

Inactivity Policy Thread!
•Alternative characters are at a max of 2; totaling to 3 characters in the guild.
        -Junior members are only allowed to have their main characters until promoted to a Senior member. Promotion to Senior member will occur after 30 days of guild participation.

Also, in the 'Memo' section of the guild roster for each of your alternative characters, please state your main character's name to identify your characters. For example: KenpachiEt has an alternative character named TerraEt and 
in the 'Memo' section  of the guild roster, he has Ken's Alt 

There are NO exceptions with this rule and the rule will be enforced very strictly. This is to ensure that there is enough room for new people to join the guild. This rule was decided upon between the Guild Master and the Officers. 
Welcome to Valor's Website
Welcome to Valor's website, a guild for Dungeon Fighter Online which was established shortly after the guild features were released. You can click the buttons at the top of the page to navigate around the site. If you wish to join, simply request for an invitation both on here, as well as on DFO.
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